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Household Hazardous Waste / Pharmaceutical Collections

Having conducted a successful Clean Sweep program for disposal of farm pesticides in 1995, GLOW began the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program in 1995. GLOW held two collections each year, alternating counties (though they are always open to residents in all of GLOW’s funding counties) in 1997 and 1998. In 1999 GLOW held a second farm pesticide collection, having received funding from the EPA to do so. In 2000 GLOW resumed the household hazardous waste collections, conducting two collections each May, until 2003. Single collections began in 2004 and are expected to continue. The 2015 collection was held in Rock Glen, Wyoming County. For a copy of the Executive Summary for this collection scroll to the Brochures, Materials & Services section of this website. A copy of the 2015 Final Report will be mailed or emailed upon request if desired. The 2016 collection will be held on September 17 in Genesee County. For a copy of the Final Report for this collection contact the GLOW office after December 2, 2016  

These collections provide residents with an opportunity to dispose of unwanted household chemicals and cleaning products, pesticides, oil base paint, varnish and furniture strippers, vehicle fluids and oil filters, lead-acid batteries and propane tanks Vs and home computers, along with a host of other materials. All materials are accepted at no charge except for tires.

The mainstay of the program is GLOW’s system of appointments. The day is broken into 15 minute intervals. 25-30 residents are scheduled for each interval. This system allows GLOW and its vendors to unload resident’s vehicles quickly and efficiently. It allows GLOW to educate residents when they call for an appointment and helps control costs by limiting the number of residents and having residents bring only the accepted materials. GLOW begins to take appointments 2 months before the collection and maintains a “Notification List” between events.

An appointment form for the September 17, 2016 collection in Batavia can be found in the “Brochures, Materials and Services” section of this website.

Mat-Ex: Western/Central New York Materials Exchange

Mat-Ex is a reuse program that was started by GLOW and two other counties in 1992 to provide businesses, institutions and government agencies with a means of disposing of scrap or surplus items without landfilling or incinerating them. In 1997 GLOW assumed administrative functions of the program and invited other counties to join as partners. The program now encompasses most of Western and Central New York State and includes 11 counties. The 2016 Partners are: GLOW (Genesee, Livingston and Wyoming), Allegany, Broome, Chautauqua, Monroe, Oneida-Herkimer, Seneca, and Steuben. The program can also be used by residents and farms.

The program is available via the Internet at or emailed in pdf format twice a year. A limited number of hard copies are mailed upon request. Items can be listed under “Materials Available” or “Materials Wanted”. Listed materials must be non-hazardous and things that would otherwise be destined for a landfill or incinerator. Materials should be listed for free, or at minimal cost. The program is not to be used to make a profit or commercial gain. Listers are contacted directly by those interested in the material. Neither GLOW nor its Partners take physical possession of the materials. Transportation arrangements are made directly between the Lister and the Respondent. Those using the program are required to track exchanges and provide the information to GLOW. Doing so provides GLOW with information to measure the program’s success, justify funding and calculate recovery rates.

Over the years this program has kept thousands of tons of materials out of area landfills and incinerators. Notable exchanges include the following:

  • A sound-proof booth that went from a Batavia business to a church in Louisiana
  • Barns
  • Heavy equipment
  • Office supplies and folders
  • Computers
  • Lockers
  • Various sizes of containers

Backyard Composting

It is estimated that 15% of residential waste consists of yard waste. An additional 1 to 2% is food waste. When multiplied by the number of households in the Genesee, Livingston and Wyoming County region this represents a significant amount of waste. And it makes little sense for this material to be landfilled, where it will be entombed and see very little biodegradation. The solution? Composting. From the beginning GLOW has encouraged this very simple solution to a large problem. GLOW encourages composting through the following:

Backyard Composting Demonstration Sites

GLOW set up and maintains, with the assistance of managers at the sites, two Backyard Composting Education Demonstration Sites, with a third to be constructed in 2016 at Letchworth State Park. The current sites are located at:

  • Genesee County Park, at the interpretive Center off Bethany Center Rd.
  • Beaver Meadow Audubon Center, N. Java
  • Letchworth State Park (spring 2016)

Each of these sites consists of 10-11 homemade and manufactured composters, signage explaining how composting works, and a “Take One” box containing a packet of designs and information. Residents can examine the composters to get an idea of what size and type might work best for them.

America Recycles

GLOW continues to participate in this national program that promotes composting, buying recycled content products and recycling. The program, which began in 1997 as America Recycles Day, asks people to sign pledge cards to show their commitment to recycling. By doing so they are eligible to win local, regional, and state prizes. GLOW has participated in the program since its start by running advertisements in local pennysavers and papers and by giving away an Earth Machine® composter (donated by Norseman Plastics, Inc.)

NY/America Recycles 

The twentieth annual New York/America Recycles Program, a program to encourage recycling, composting and the purchase of recycled content products was held in November. GLOW continued its focus on schools in the region. A packet, containing lesson plans aimed at textile recovery, recycling and reuse, information on a limited number of prizes, and pledge cards was sent to fifty- six schools in the Region. Schools were encouraged to participate because it is the “right thing to do” rather than doing it just to win prizes. Participating schools were asked to describe their ongoing environmental efforts and/or provide documentation of a new environmental activity, along with having students sign pledge cards. Two (2) schools participated-Keshequa Middle School and Warsaw Elementary School. Two hundred four (204) pledges were submitted from the schools and GLOW’s advertisements that ran in local penny savers in early October as part of yearly advertising campaign. Though few in number, the submissions from the two participating schools show real dedication to the environment. The schools conducted clothing drives, collected paper and ink jet cartridges for recycling and expanded recycling in their schools. GLOW held a drawing for a backyard composter. Monica Herman of Wyoming County won the Earth Machine composter, which was donated by Norseman Environmental/Orbis.


One of GLOW’s primary roles is education-to both children and adults. Staff participates in events such as Cooperative Extension’s Conservation Education Field Days, as well as Earth Day and other events. Staff is available to do school, as well as community presentations. Teaching tools include:

  • The Recycling Tree
  • Compost cross section
  • Various items made of recycled content

Feel free to contact the GLOW office to make arrangements for a presentation at your location. This service is provided at No Charge to schools and community groups in GLOW’s funding counties.

Stop Unwanted Junk Mail

One of the best, and easiest ways to reduce waste is to eliminate unwanted junk mail. GLOW has a “Stop Junk Mail” postcard that will do just that. By filling it out and mailing it to the Direct Marketing Association (the card is pre-addressed) you can be taken off junk mail lists for five (5) years. By calling a toll free number on the instruction section of the card, you can be removed from credit card solicitation lists-permanently if you so choose. Contact the GLOW office to obtain the cards or copy and mail the information located in the Brochures, Materials and Services section of this website.

Technical Assistance

One advantage of a cooperative effort that spans multiple counties and is focused on one issue (waste) is that information can be compiled and available from just one source. The GLOW office has information on a variety of waste/recycling/reuse related topics. This information is provided to residents, schools, municipalities, institutions and farmers. Information that has been provided in the past includes:

  • Proper disposal of items like refrigerants, computers, hazardous substances
  • Hauler and recycler information and contacts
  • Establishment of recycling programs
  • Guidance as to relevant laws related to disposal and recycling
  • Grant availability


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